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Cagliari FestivalScienza 2022


Streaming Events

Booking is also mandatory for the streaming event “Brief history of pseudosciences”, with Marco Ciardi and coordinated by Paolo Magliocco. The link for participation in the event will be sent via email only to those who have booked.

Inaugural Conference

Per tutti | in streaming | Aula Magna of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Cagliari,  Via Marengo, 2, Cagliari

10 novembre 2022 h 16:00 19:00

Anna Grassellino, director of the Supercondicting Quantum Materials and Systems Center, Fermilab, Chicago – “From accelerators to quantum devices, at the frontier of science and technology”;
(in video link)
Ezio Previtali, Director of the Gran Sasso National Laboratories – “INFN. Fundamental research and advanced technology to design the future”.

The two scientists will illustrate how knowledge changes between science and technology and what scientific horizons are opening up with the new quantum devices.

They are coordinated by Alberto Masoni, University of Cagliari, INFN research manager and Paolo Magliocco, scientific journalist.

Inaugural conference
Target: everyone

Science and technology: a virtuous but also complicated bond

Per studenti scuola secondaria di II grado | in streaming | EXMA,  Conference room, Cagliari

10 novembre 2022 h 9:00 10:00

Carla Romagnino, Honorary President of the ScienceSocietyScience Association.
Coordinated by Paolo Magliocco, scientific journalist.

The theme will be developed by drawing on some important historical facts with particular reference to the invention of the telescope by Galileo (1609) and the discovery of nuclear fission by Otto Hahn, Fritz Streissmann and Lise Meitner (1938).

Target: secondary school students

Brief history of pseudosciences

Per tutti | in streaming | Fondazione di Sardegna,  Conference room, Cagliari

10 novembre 2022 h 10:00 11:00

Marco Ciardi, University of Florence. Author of the book Brief history of pseudosciences, Hoepli 2021, finalist for the Asimov prize 2022.

Coordinated by Paolo Magliocco, scientific journalist.

The volume is divided into a chronological journey, reconstructing the relationship between science and pseudoscience, from alchemy to lost continents, from creationism to ancient astronauts, showing how this relationship is only understandable through its historical development.

Target: everyone

Live conference. Reservation is required to receive the active participation link.


Suspicious. Us and our doubts about science

Per tutti | in streaming | EXMA,  Conference room, Cagliari


12 novembre 2022 h 9:00 10:00

Silvia Bencivelli, scientific journalist and radio and television presenter, author of the book Suspicious us and our doubts about science, Einaudi 2019.
Coordinated by Paolo Magliocco, scientific journalist.

More and more people are relying on so-called alternative medicine, faux ancient remedies and new age practices, and trust Dr. Google’s answers more than those of science. How and why does this happen? Who are the “suspects”? Could it be that we are all a bit “suspicious”?

Target: everyone

Mathematical bestiary

Per tutti | in streaming | EXMA,  Conference room, Cagliari


12 novembre 2022 h 16:00 17:00

Paolo Alessandrini, mathematician and science popularizer, author of the book Mathematical bestiary, Hoepli 2021, finalist for the ASIMOV 2022 award.

Mathematics is not always a predictable discipline, but it is full of unsettling, shocking and monstrous concepts. The performance recounts the centuries-old challenge of the “mathewizards” who have always tried to capture and tame these creatures.

Target: everyone

Science & Technology. Works of dissemination of scientific culture.

Per tutti | in streaming | EXMA,  Conference room, Cagliari

13 novembre 2022 h 10:00 13:00

The round table to reflect on the works dedicated to science which aim to disseminate the results of scientific research and its many applications among a vast public.

Coordinates Giovanni Spataro, head of service of Le Scienze

Marta Burgay, astrophysicist and INAF-OAC researcher
Luciano Colombo, pro-rector for research, University of Cagliari
Alberto Pettinau, scientific director of Sotacarbo – Sustainable Energy Research Centre
Angela Serpe, University of Cagliari
Matteo Serra, author of the book Where is physics going? Eleven dialogues on the present and future of research, Codice Edizioni 2022
Silvano Tagliagambe, University of Cagliari

Target: everyone

Woman of Science Award – IV edition

Per tutti | in streaming | EXMA,  Conference room, Cagliari

13 novembre 2022 h 16:00 19:00

Woman of Science Award – IV edition

Coordinated by Carla Romagnino, honorary president of the ScienzaSocietàScienza Association and president of the Prize Jury.
Maria Maddalena Becchere, president of the ScienceSocietyScience Association
The winners of the competition, the institutional and academic representatives, who contribute to the organization of the prize, and Silvia Rosa Brusin, journalist, with the conference on the theme:

30 years of science on TV

At the end of December 1992, the first number of “Leonardo” was broadcast on Raitre: live science news in ten minutes. No one had ever attempted the daily information in this field.
How the challenge of that time has changed, the relationship with the viewers, the work of today.

Target: everyone

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