Fourth edition 2022

Woman of Science Award

The ScienzaSocietàScienza Association promotes activities aimed at the dissemination of scientific culture and considers the relationship between women and science one of the important issues to be pursued. Even today, in fact, gender equality, despite the goals achieved in recent years at local, national and international level, even within the scientific community, remains strongly influenced by stereotypes and women continue to be marginalized in research, science publications , and in various other fields. In this context, the Association announces the fourth edition of the “Woman of Science” Award in Sardinia for the year 2022.

The award is organized in collaboration with the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari, INAF and the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari, the Cagliari section of INFN, the Cagliari branch of the CNR Institute of Neuroscience, the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Cagliari and Gi.U.Li.A. Sardinian journalists. The award intends to offer recognition to female figures who have contributed to giving prestige and advances to Sardinia in the scientific field.

Who is it addressed to?

The award is aimed at women born or working in Sardinia or for Sardinia, and who have carried out activities in the field of scientific research, science teaching, dissemination of scientific culture, including through the use of the media. As part of the Award, the Department of Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Cagliari offers the Young Woman of Science Award aimed at candidates native of Cagliari participating in the Award.

It is possible that other recognitions may be awarded to candidates meeting certain requirements. In particular, the jury reserves the right to award a Special Prize out of competition aimed at women who, starting from a scientific background, have particularly distinguished themselves in academic careers, scientific entrepreneurship, in public life.

The jury reserves the right to assign, even in the absence of a nomination, one or more special mentions to female figures who have achieved important results in the scientific or technological fields.

Presentation mode

Applications may be presented by the person interested in receiving the award or by third parties such as the president of the ScienzaSocietàScienza Association, the directors of the university departments of Cagliari and Sassari, the directors of the INFN section of Cagliari, of the INAF-OAC, of the Institute of Neurosciences of the CNR; the head teachers of Sardinian schools, the territorial managers for the Sardinia Region of the associations of teachers of scientific disciplines, such as A.I.F., A.N.I.S.N., C.R.S.E.M., the Didactic Division of S.C.I., the coordinator of Gi.U.Li.A . Sardinian journalists, the winners of the previous editions.

Applications must be received by 1.00 pm on 20 July 2022 by e-mail to indicating in the subject line “Woman of Science Award – Name and Surname of the candidate”

The application or proposal for admission to the competition must be made electronically using the appropriate downloadable form attached to the announcement signed by the applicant or competitor. Each bidder (or proposer) must attach to the request, again electronically and preferably in a single file in pdf format:

  1. The CV of the candidate.
  2. A clear description of the reasons why the candidacy is presented and, in particular, the candidate’s link with science and with Sardinia.
  3. A commitment to provide a declaration in which the candidate agrees, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/03 that your personal data are used by the organizers of the prize for reasons related to the performance of the same and that they are also processed by electronic means, but not disclosed to others. The form to be completed and signed is attached to the announcement.
  4. Any other document deemed useful for the purposes of the competition.

Any delay in submitting the application and related documentation, whatever the cause, will result in the applicant’s inadmissibility to the competition. Applications without the required documentation will not be considered.

Applications submitted by the date indicated in this announcement are valid for two years, and can therefore also be taken into consideration in the 2023 edition of the award.

Selection mode

The selection of the candidates takes place on the unquestionable judgment of the specially constituted jury.

The jury is chaired by a member of the ScienzaSocietàScienza Association specifically appointed by the Association’s Board of Directors and is made up of representatives of the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari, representatives of the world of media and education, representatives of research institutions public.

The jury will take into account the following evaluation criteria:

  • The level of scientific depth of the activity carried out
  • The level of internationality of the activity carried out
  • The level of attention to teaching and dissemination of science.
  • The level of public involvement in the activity carried out
  • The impact of the activity carried out on Sardinia
  • A training course in scientific disciplines

The Young Woman of Science Award will be awarded to the most deserving and youngest researcher in Cagliari by birth or residence or place of work. The assessment of merit will be made within the framework of the criteria established above. Any other awards will also be assigned to the most deserving within the criteria established above and meeting the required requirement. The members of the jury cannot have direct family ties with the candidates. Upon taking office, each juror will issue a specific statement on their position towards the candidates.


The winner of the Woman of Science Award will receive from the ScienzaSocietàScienza Association a cash prize of €2,000 gross of legal deductions and a souvenir parchment.
The winner of the Young Woman of Science Award will receive a cash prize of €1,000 gross of legal deductions and a commemorative parchment from the Municipality of Cagliari.
The winners of any other prizes will receive from the institution that proposes it, a cash prize, the amount of which at the moment is not quantifiable, and a souvenir parchment.
The jury’s special prize will consist of a handcrafted artistic artefact and a commemorative plaque. The winners of the special mention will receive a commemorative plaque. Prizes are not cumulative.

Awards ceremony

The prizes will be delivered in person to the winners in the ceremony to be held during the Cagliari FestivalScienza XV edition at the EXMA in Cagliari from 10 to 13 November 2022.

If due to force majeure the award ceremony should take place virtually or the winner cannot attend in person, she will have to connect by videoconference.


All information relating to the Prize can be found on the website
Further information can be requested at

Terms and conditions

Each participant grants the organizers of the Prize, for promotional purposes of the event, the rights to use images on the media, multimedia channels, social pages, web and other forms of communication available to the organization.

The winners undertake to be present at the awards ceremony. Participation in the prize implies knowledge and total acceptance of the notice.

Information regarding the processing of personal data (art. 13, EU Reg. 2016/679)

We inform you that the data processing will be carried out in compliance with the legislation established by EU regulation 2016/679, art. 13 and the consequent rights and obligations.
The personal data of the candidates will be used by the organizers of the prize only for reasons related to his completion. This will mean that they can also be processed by electronic means, but they cannot be disclosed to others unless with the explicit consent of the interested party.

The data controller is the ScienzaSocietàScienza Association based in Cagliari, Via La Vega 2/c – tel. 3295662605 – e-mail: