The butterfly’s flight

A flap of wings can change the world

A cura di: Elena Vacca

Have you ever heard the sound produced by the flapping of a butterfly’s wings? And the sound that the seed makes when it opens and begins to sprout, or that of the roots that make space in the dark earth while the branches of the trees go towards the sky? It takes great attention to grasp the smallest changes in things close to us and then understand how they can influence much larger phenomena far away from us. In 1972 Lorenz theorized the butterfly effect and in this workshop we will not only see how science is in continuous movement but also how poetry is and how this too produces the same effect.
Can a poem like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings change the life of a person or a people? Can the gesture, or the word of a child, produce great changes over time and space?
In this reading and creative writing workshop we will explore these themes together with new words in poetry to produce a butterfly effect of culture and peace.

Participating children must bring paper, pencil, pen, erasers and colors to carry out the activities.

Sede evento:
EXMA Teaching room
Via San Lucifero, 71 Cagliari

November 9, 2023  9am-12pm 

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