Mathematics and blindness

From the Braille tablet to the EDICO software

A cura di: Italian Association of Blinds and Visually Impaired

Through the workshop and with the collaboration of the Tiflodidattica Consulting Center of Cagliari we will try to answer the questions that often arise spontaneously in the collective imagination: Can those who cannot see attend scientific high school? What tools do they use to solve an equation? How can they study chemistry? Physics? And Geometry?
It will be an opportunity to briefly illustrate the new EDICO software, the first totally free and inclusive system that revolutionizes the learning and study of scientific subjects for the blind.
EDICO is a scientific editor for Windows, developed by UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and ONCE (National Organization of the Blind of Spain) which allows students with visual disabilities to interact with teachers and classmates, following the mathematics, physics or chemistry lessons in real time and in a completely usable way.
EDICO was brought to Italy by the National Uici which made use of the skills and resources of the I.Ri.Fo.R., Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation of the Union to take care of the localization phase , testing, training and distribution.
The EDICO software, in fact, has been freely available since 7 April 2022 for all Italian students and schools of all levels, offering a fundamental contribution to overcoming the instrumental and educational barriers that still today penalize blind people who choose training courses of a scientific nature.
The Cavazza Institute of Bologna, the Institute for the Blind in Milan and the national network of Typhlodidactic Consultancy Centers also offered their contributions to the various and complex phases of the work.

In collaboration with: Typhlodidactic Consultancy Center – Italian Library for the Blind “Regina Margherita” of Monza

Sede evento:
EXMA Terrace Room
Via San Lucifero, 71 Cagliari

November 9, 2023  11am-1pm 

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UIC Cagliari

In collaboration with the Tiflodidattica Consultancy Centre, Italian Library for Blinds “Regina Margherita” of Monza.