Woman of Science Award 2022 – Interview with Giulia Manca

2022, Giulia Manca, Giuseppe Murru, Premio Donna di Scienza

We interviewed Giulia Manca, winner of the 2022 edition of the Woman of Science Award. Professor Giulia Manca was awarded the prize for her research activity testified by hundreds of scientific publications in the field of particle physics, an activity she has carried out and continues to carry out at Fermilab in Chicago and at CERN in Geneva; for having won, in 2015, a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council, the European Union body which funds excellent researchers, and, having access to a permanent position as professor in any Italian university and in many European universities, she chose Sardinia, making an important contribution to the research and development of the University of Cagliari, INFN and the Region of Sardinia; for her attention to the intermediation between research and dissemination of science and to the problem of gender equality.

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