Irene Sechi

Mention Young Woman of Science Award 2022 Irene Sechi, thirty-one years old from Cagliari, PhD candidate in Oncology, at the Department of Oncology, University of Oxford (United Kingdom). Special mention for the determination and grit with which she undertook her studies in relation to a disease, osteosarcoma, of which she herself was a patient in […]

Claudia Caltagirone

Mention Woman of Science Award 2022 Claudia Caltagirone, from Cagliari, associate professor at the Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences of the University of Cagliari. Special mention for the relevant scientific results achieved in the development of innovative artificial receptors and platforms for diagnosis and therapy in the field of nanomedicine and for having made […]

Maura Pilia

The 2022 Young Woman of Science Prize is awarded to Dr. Maura Pilia as an example for future generations of Sardinian female scientists as, after a course of study in various Italian and European universities, she returned to Sardinia and made her skills available his land, carrying out his research through the Sardinia Radio Telescope, […]

Giulia Manca

The ScienzaSocietàScienza Association awards the 2022 Woman of Science Award to Professor Giulia Manca for her research activity testified by hundreds of scientific publications in the field of particle physics, an activity she has carried out and is carrying out at Fermilab in Chicago and at CERN in Geneva ; for having won, in 2015, […]